Restaurant Review: Bobby Van’s Grill, American Airlines Terminal at JFK

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I opted for Bobby’s Famous 12 Oz. Burger, which sounded just right before a transcontinental flight. All sandwiches are served with French fries and fried onion strings and I added the Creamy Coleslaw although I was tempted by the mac and cheese with crabmeat appetizer. I asked for the fries to be well done and the burger to be medium.

My drink – ginger ale – arrived quickly but the food did not. When it finally made its appearance, the burger was perfect but the fries were cold and decidedly not well done. Perhaps this was a first in the restaurant’s history as the waiter seemed to be at a loss as to how to handle the situation. Once I finished the burger, another order of fries appeared at my table, ceremoniously presented by the waiter as if it were a separate course. At that point, I had already enjoyed the burger (it was delicious) and had no appetite for the fries but I did speak with a manager before leaving, who was sincerely apologetic about the issue.

The manager ripped up the bill in front of me (even though I was paying with Priority Pass) and insisted that I take a dessert with me, which I did although I gave it to a rather famished looking gate agent since I was soon to be dining again in the air.


The burger was indeed one of the best I’ve had and the service recovery was excellent but a not-so-busy kitchen should have been able to coordinate a burger and fries much better. This notwithstanding, I would return without hesitation.


Bobby Van’s Grill
American Airlines Terminal
John F. Kennedy International Airport
Jamaica, N.Y.

(Photos: Accura Media Group)

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