Chicago Aviation Officers Sue City Over Erased Work History After United Passenger Dragging Incident

By Paul Riegler on 12 April 2018
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Downtown Chicago

Downtown Chicago

Aviation security officers who were members of the Chicago Aviation Police have filed suit against the city of Chicago and the state of Illinois after their status and past history as law enforcement officers was effectively deleted.

Following the April 2017 incident in which passenger David Dao was dragged off a United Airlines flight by two of the force’s members, the city’s aviation commissioner removed the agency’s status as that of law enforcement.

The officers contend that the city had the right to change their status but not to expunge their past history as law enforcement officers.

“Having had their work histories effectively erased, the officers are now working as security guards and cannot qualify to transfer laterally into other law enforcement jobs in other jurisdictions,” said Robert D. Sweeney, an attorney representing the officers, in a statement.

One officer was fired after video footage by a passenger showed him dragging Dao from the aircraft.

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