A European’s Travel Guide to the United States

Adirondack chairs in the Andironacks in Upstate New York

By Anna Breuer on 3 April 2018
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While the European continent has its centuries-old history and traditions, the United States of America has a pioneering spirit that is reflected in much of the country and what a big country it is.

Indeed, to fly cross country from New York to Los Angeles or San Francisco takes about the same length of time as a transatlantic flight between New York and London.

To put the United States into perspective, think of it more as the European Union. There are 50 states plus some far flung territories and, just like in different countries in the European Union as well as in various parts of larger countries such as Germany, there are regional dialects and sometimes an entirely different vocabulary.

Grand Central Terminal in New York City

Grand Central Terminal in New York City

Put differently, if you overlay the United States with Europe, San Francisco would be London, Los Angeles would be between Paris and the Swiss border, Orlando would be on the border of Russia and Georgia, and New York would be somewhere on the Volga River.


Planning a trip that takes in more than one or two of the country’s regions – think Northeast, Pacific Northwest, Southwest, and so on – would require a reenactment of the motion picture, “If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium.”

For the best experience, pick one region and stay in it. Although the distance between major cities looks close on a map, European visitors are often shocked to find out that the six-hour drive they expected from New York to Chicago is closer to 24 hours in duration.

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