Arizona Pedestrian Killed by Uber Self-Driving Car

By Paul Riegler on 19 March 2018
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Uber is headquartered in the Bay Area.

Uber is headquartered in the Bay Area.

An Uber self-driving car in Tempe, Arizona, struck a woman who later succumbed to her injuries. The accident is believed to be the first recorded death of a pedestrian hit by an autonomous vehicle.

The woman, who was not identified, was crossing a street outside of a marked crosswalk. The vehicle, also not identified, was in autonomous driving mode when the accident occurred on Sunday evening.

Uber’s self-driving cars are equipped with radar, cameras, and various sensors, and are designed to respond to nearby vehicles, traffic signals, and unexpected pedestrians. Trials began in 2017.

The ride-hailing company said on Monday that it is “fully cooperating” with the investigation. It is also suspending on-street testing of its autonomous fleet in Tempe, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, and Toronto.

(Photo: Accura Media Group)

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