Shades of Ada Quonsett: Stowaway Flies on BA from Chicago to London

By Paul Riegler on 22 January 2018
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While Ada Quonsett merely tried to fly from Chicago to Rome on the fictitious Trans Global Airlines in the movie “Airport,” her real-life counterpart, Marilyn Hartman, made it from Chicago to London last week.

Like Mrs. Quonsett, Ms. Hartman was a habitual stowaway and trespasser who has flown from San Jose to Los Angeles and from the Twin Cities to Jacksonville. She was apparently a regular at Chicago O’Hare International Airport as well.

Ms. Hartman entered the Chicago Airport on January 14, made it through the security checkpoint without being stopped, and attempted to board a flight to Connecticut. Although she was stopped by a gate agent, she remained in the airport overnight and took a shuttle to the International Terminal where she found her way onto one of BA’s several non-stops to London. Upon arrival, she was detained by British officials, denied entry into the United Kingdom, and sent back to Chicago on another BA flight.

When her flight back landed in the United States on Thursday, she was arrested and charged with one felony count of theft and one misdemeanor for trespassing.

Judge Stephanie K. Miller ordered Ms. Hartman released on her own recognizance but required her to undergo psychiatric treatment and wear an ankle bracelet.

“There is no pun intended for your client, but she is a flight risk given the number of offenses,” the judge said at the hearing.

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