Review: Is the Mobile Passport App Better than Global Entry?

London Heathrow from the air.

By Jonathan Spira on 22 January 2018
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Mobile Passport, available on both Apple iOS and Android platforms, is a relatively new app, introduced just a little over a year ago.

The app works by supplying arriving international travelers with a QR code after having them fill out an app-based copy of an electronic customs declaration form.

In some respects, it sounds strikingly similar to Global Entry, but it may be faster to clear passport control than Global Entry given that the latter requires travelers to stop at a dedicated kiosk that sometimes doesn’t work quite as well or as fast as it should, while the app can be used while the user is still on the aircraft.


Departing Havana for New York City

On a recent flight to the United States from London, I decided to forego Global Entry and try the app out.

Here are my findings.

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