U.S. to Implement New, Clearer Travel Advisory System

By Paul Riegler on 9 December 2017
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DSC_0851The State Department said Friday it will soon introduce a new uniform system for communicating travel advisories and security risks abroad.

The system currently in place uses a variety of alerts and warnings that depend largely on the region of the world affected and is generally considered to be confusing.

“The Department of State is improving our communications with U.S. citizen travelers to provide clear, timely and reliable safety and security information worldwide,” said Assistant Secretary of State for Consular Affairs Carl Risch to reporters.

The new system will go into place in January and uses four levels. Level 1 is to “exercise normal precautions,” Level 2 is “exercise increased caution,” Level 3 is “reconsider travel,” while Level 4 is “do not travel” although this is not intended to indicate a travel ban.

The department said it will take multiple factors into consideration including terrorism, civil unrest, health considerations, natural disasters, as well as elections, sporting matches, and other events that may pose a risk to safety.

Under the new system, some countries could have different warnings on a regional basis.

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