How Did the Recent Terrorist Attack Impact Tourism in New York?

By Anna Breuer on 6 November 2017
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It happened in London, Nice, Munich, Brussels, Manchester, Paris, Stockholm, Berlin, and other major cities.

Now it was New York’s turn in the crosshairs, a deadly attack in Lower Manhattan on Tuesday, where six of the eight individuals killed were visitors from other countries to a city that had experienced the worst terrorist attack in history on September 11, 2001, with a loss of life just under 3,000.

When the recent slew of terror attacks began a few years ago, there was an immediate impact on tourism. The November 2015 coordinated attacks in Paris resulted in an immediate and significant decline in visitors, along with the cancellations of meetings and conferences. A year later, Paris was still suffering the effects.

The March 2016 bombings in Brussels had a similar effect, chilling tourism and leaving the city in the months that followed, resembling more a ghost town when it should have been bustling with visitors.

Significant drops in tourism have occurred more often when events impact transportation and infrastructure, such as what took place in Brussels, or when authorities conduct a manhunt for the perpetrators over a period of days, locking down parts of a city. Indeed, in Brussels, the attacks happened at the airport and a major train station.

In addition, the fall-off is almost always instantaneous, such as that following the attacks on September 11, 2001, something that hasn’t happened in the more recent case. Two major events were held days after the attack, the Halloween parade in Greenwich Village and the New York City Marathon.

Indeed, the number of international visitors dropped precipitously after 9/11 to 5.7 million, a 17% decline according to data from the city’s official tourism agency, NYC & Co.

In the days since the attack in Lower Manhattan, I’ve spent time walking around the city’s various neighborhoods and life goes on. While there’s a noticeably greater police presence around train stations and airports, little else has changed and that simply means the terrorists didn’t win this one.

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