Fall Travel Quiz Results Reveal Our Readers Are Smarter than a 5th Grader

In Honolulu, a new law allows police to issue fines up to $35 for crossing a street while focusing on a mobile device.

By Anna Breuer on 22 November 2017
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Good news, class. The 2017 Fall Quiz turned out to be easier than we had anticipated and the class average rose as a result. Over 2,150 respondents took part and two lucky students won a pack of 15 United Airlines Boeing 747 trading cards.

Here are the numbers:

A record 12% of you earned an A, having answered every question correctly. This was a six-fold increase over the previous quiz.

Approximately 9% of you scored an A- or 9 out of 10 correct, which was about the same as the one before.

Nine percent also achieved a B+, with 8 out of 10 answered correctly (a significant drop from 21% last time around), while 19% earned a B with 7 out of 10. The remaining 51% placed well below the curve and your guidance counselors will be in touch.

The two easiest questions were “Which airline ceased operations at the end of October?” and “Which airline announced daily service between Los Angeles and Singapore, a flight that will be the longest service to and from the United States?”
To the first one, 87% correctly answered Air Berlin; to the second, 79.9% gave the correct answer, United Airlines, showing that the class as a whole has been paying attention in avgeek 101.

Many of you – 76.8% – knew that Volvo was the automaker planning to only manufacture cars with electric power trains by 2019 and almost as many – 73.8 – knew that Qatar Airways had dropped its bid to acquire a stake in American Airlines.

A similarly high percentage of the class – 72.9% – correctly stated that United Airlines was celebrating the retirement of its 747 fleet by handing out trading cards, selling of pieces of its 747s to customers, and operating a ceremonial final flight that paid homage to the first one.

Some of you may find yourselves waiting a while for an Uber ride in London, since only 63.8% knew that England’s capital had banned the service, while many of you may get a ticket for texting while crossing the street in Honolulu, where such activities are now illegal. Only 58.8% gave the correct answer here.

However, things really went downhill after that.

It’s clear that there are relatively few astute shoppers among us as only 35.4% knew that the United Kingdom announced a ban on credit card surcharges.

And finally, in the only question where an incorrect answer (Los Angeles International Airport) garnered more votes than the correct answer (LaGuardia Airport), it is the latter that will soon see six airlines relocate all on the same day.

Concerned about your final grade? You can undertake an extra-credit assignment during the Thanksgiving break. The topic is Famous Airline Jingles for $100. Alex Trebek reminds you to make sure you phrase the answer in the form of a question.

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