Lobby Bar – October 27: Beer is Good For You, Never-ending Plays, and Subway Fares Reduced 99%

By Jeremy Del Nero on 27 October 2017
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It’s Lobby Bar O’Clock Somewhere in the World

Take me back. Europe will be adjusting its clocks back an hour this weekend for Winter Time. This year, to make up for changing the clocks, the countries in the EU will also be setting their calendars back a day to extend their weekends a bit.

Let’s coin it. It looks like New York City’s MTA will finally be moving on from the Metrocard in favor of alternative methods of payment. Reacting to the news, a group led by FBT editor Paul Riegler formed the “Bring Back the Subway Token” initiative, with the goal of a nickel subway fare.

Smart juice. Good news: a study has suggested that alcohol consumption may increase your ability to learn and speak foreign languages. The study went on to show that it goes beyond languages: alcohol will also help improve brain functions for other activities, like test-taking, business meetings, and interviews. So be sure to have a few before an important event to show off your best version.

Feedback loop. Take a seat next to Jonathan Spira at the Paper Mill Playhouse for “The Honeymooners,” a play about two boys constantly concocting get-rich-quick schemes. The boys fail at many attempts before deciding to start a theater production of a popular television series in which they concoct… would you care to buy a ticket to a play within a play?

Cards are over. In a new FBT study, we figure out what drives the purchasing decisions of frequent travelers. As it turns out, most frequent travelers pay for everything with nickels and keep a healthy hoard of Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons.

Talk to me. Four Seasons debuted a new chat platform for its guests. The service will allow hotel guests to ask questions about the hotel and city, make dinner reservations, or banter with front desk associates should they get lonely in their rooms.

New texting plans. The city of Honolulu has banned texting while crossing the street. Don’t worry though, wealthy smartphone users can purchase one-time passes for $35 to continue using their device for those valuable twelve seconds.

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