British Airways Club Europe Business Class London-Dublin – Flight Review

By Jonathan Spira on 7 September 2017
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Much to my relief, British Airways had neither a cabin crew strike or an IT systems outage the day of my flight from London to Dublin. Indeed, it appeared that the job actions that defined the start of summer this year were a distant memory when I arrived at Terminal 5 at London Heathrow, British Airways’ main terminal.

Despite its modern and efficient design, T5 is obsolescent due to a dramatic increase in passenger volume that at times seems to overwhelm airport operations. Nonetheless, it was quiet in the early morning hours as I stepped off the Heathrow Express train. It didn’t take long to find a Fast Track sign for the security checkpoint and I headed in that direction, bypassing the standard line, which was exceptionally long.

Once past the security checkpoint, where things moved at a faster pace than I’ve previously experienced at Heathrow, I headed to the BA Galleries lounge for some refreshment and sampled the breakfast offerings. These included porridge, croissant, and Danish pastries. The lounge is large, has multiple rooms including a wine bar and a dining room, and never seems to feel crowded even when busy.


Galleries Lounge in Terminal 5

Perhaps due to the love the English have for tradition, BA, unlike many other airlines, continues to announce gates in the lounge. Once my flight was called, I headed to the gate, which was perhaps a five-minute walk from the lounge.


Similar to other airlines, British Airways offers business-class passengers, as well as elite members of its Executive Club, frequent flyer program priority boarding. I was relieved that my flight was being boarded using a jet bridge as on past flights the benefits of priority boarding quickly disappear when one goes to the aircraft by coach, a drive that can sometimes take almost as long as the flight.

As I boarded, two members of the cabin crew were in the galley warmly greeting passengers and helping them find their seats. One immediately came to my seat and offered to hang up my jacket, however, no beverages were offered.

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