5 Tips for Surviving a Major Storm or Hurricane When Traveling

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By Jesse Sokolow on 26 September 2017
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It isn’t only just a headline. Monster storms, such as hurricanes, cyclones, and typhoons, are affecting more people in more places in a shorter period of time than has been the case in the past. They wreak havoc in their path with punishing winds and torrential rains and finish with dangerous storm surges.

The 2017 hurricane season has already resulted in countless delays, the cancellation of thousands of flights, and there may be more to come.

The names are familiar, too: Harvey, Irma, Norma, Maria, and in recent memory Andrew, Katrina, and Sandy.

Despite the amount of devastation caused by each storm, advances in science and technology have enabled weather forecasting to improve to the point where officials can monitor the speed and direction of a storm and reliably pinpoint when it will reach a given area. This makes it easier to change emergency management plans and move populace out of harm’s way. However, there’s no doubt some travelers will be left behind to hunker down for the duration.

But even the best planning may not help everyone. Despite additional flights, there’s virtually no way that airlines can fit a week’s worth of passengers into a single day.

If you are stranded with no means to return home, here are five tips on what to do to stay safe for the duration and survive the fury of a storm.

1.) Before starting your trip, sign up with an emergency evacuation service

While medical evacuation services such as MedjetAssist have been around for years, there are also non-medical options available, including companies such as Global Rescue or iJet, a risk management company. These companies specialize in unorthodox ways of getting clients out of harm’s way and have done so with great success.

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