Lobby Bar – August 25: Bluetooth Socks, Phone-Powered Cars, and Staring at the Sun

By Jeremy Del Nero on 25 August 2017
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Lobby Bar – Because if You Don’t Deserve a Drink, Nobody Will Offer You One

First thing’s first. Take a seat in American Airlines’ Flagship First cabin on a flight from New York to London. To make sure all eight passengers’ needs are met, there are16 flight attendants (two for each flyer) in the cabin. This proved especially helpful when our editor needed turndown service while requesting another glass of champagne.

For the long haul. Join Paul Riegler behind the wheel of the 2017 Volkswagen e-Golf SEL Premium. The electric vehicle has its advantages, including a quieter ride, better fuel economy, and the ability to reverse the charging direction on phone chargers so you can drain your iPhone’s battery to squeeze out an extra 250 meters of driving distance.

Listen, sunny. We have four tips for those of you likely to look at the sun with the naked eye, especially during eclipse season. First, simply put, don’t; second: start researching remedies for eclipse blindness; third, don’t ask the president of the United States for advice on how to safely view the eclipse; and finally, realize there are none and crawl under the covers to consider the choices you’ve made in life.

Hotelthletes. Share a king size bed with Jesse Sokolow in the Fairmont Olympic Hotel in Seattle, Washington. To pay homage to its name, guests must prove that they can partake in the most popular Olympic activities – namely table tennis, team volleyball, and the 100m swim – before checking into their hotel rooms, and only then will they be allowed to shower. Those unable to qualify successfully will be asked to leave without a refund. As a parting gift they will be given a supply of air freshener, industrial strength.

Sock it to me. Delta plans to introduce new Tumi amenity kits on some of its flights starting September 1st. The new kits will contain a variety of personal care products, including improved striped socks that heat and cool the feet as needed, just like a zebra. The socks can be controlled via Bluetooth, or via a rather bulky wired controller when your phone is in airplane mode.

Freebie Airlines. Delta is renewing its 12status fan engagement program with the Seattle Seahawks football team, which lets Washington state flyers earn miles for every yard the Seahawks throw this season. Don’t worry; those who don’t like sports will receive free pretzels.

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