Lobby Bar – August 19: Doctoring Your Passport, Let’s Get Postal, and Yabba Dabba Doo!

By Jeremy Del Nero on 18 August 2017
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Lobby Bar – A Now Available as a Once-Weekly Dietary Supplement

Bikeway. Jonathan Spira heads back to catch another performance of “Spamilton,” this time at the Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre. As its name implies, the theatre is one wheeled, and slowly makes its way down Broadway by collective force of the audience using bicycle pedals built into the seats in front of them. It makes for an amazing experience and the tickets are dirt cheap since the theatre doesn’t have to pay rent.

Doctor Jeremy. If you need your passport renewed in a hurry, look no further. Just fax all of your important documents to FBT Document Doctor and Photoshop Wizard, Jeremy Del Nero (yes, I do more than write Lobby Bar). We’ll send you back a 99.99% legitimate passport that’s accepted in at least a few countries with somewhat questionable immigration checkpoints. Part of the fun is finding out where you’ll be turned away!

Wilma! Join us for a bite at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que in Bedrock, Connecticut. This hip spot is great for its convenient location close to New York City and because it’s one of the only places left where you can order fresh dinosaur meat and the house special, Brontosaurusburgers, both of which have been off the market for tens of millions of years.

Color me impressed. JetBlue Airlines recently announced a new partnership with Azul. It only seemed fitting that the carrier would partner with its favorite color, and other airlines seem to be following suit; Delta announced a partnership with the color red while Spirit Airlines struck a deal with yellow. Of course, anybody who purchases clothing, home goods, paint, or electronics with these colors must pay a small royalty fee to the respective airline.

Restaurant style. Air Berlin just learned that its largest shareholder, Etihad, will be pulling funding. Air Berlin is now facing the hard choice of filing for bankruptcy or becoming a tip-based airline in which pilots and flight attendants will earn $3.25/hour with the hope of receiving tips from passengers for providing really, really good service.

A touch of post. After numerous false starts, the new Penn Station is finally beginning to take shape on Eighth Avenue. Since the new station will be replacing New York’s biggest post office, passengers are required to take a bit of mail with them to their destination, and hand deliver at least five articles to intended recipients in their city of arrival.

Automobile Club of America. Within a period of some 22 hours, three Delta pilots managed to collide with objects that included two other jets and a truck at New York’s JFK Airport. For those pilots having difficulty, we recommend calling Leo Weiser. After all, “you start to live when you learn to drive.” Call 976 683-6600 now. Operators are standing by.

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