Apple CarPlay to Get Lane Guidance, Speed Limit Info, Alternative Routes in iOS 11 But Here’s What Else We Want

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The Ford Mustang also comes with Apple CarPlay.

The Ford Mustang also comes with Apple CarPlay.


While the iPhone has had a native weather app as long as I can remember, CarPlay doesn’t support it and no app displays weather conditions anywhere within CarPlay although you can ask Siri for current weather conditions.

There are several ways Apple could go about this including making the current Weather app accessible within CarPlay, displaying the current temperature and an icon for current weather conditions somewhere in the somewhat crowded status bar, or adding weather information to the Maps app. Many in-vehicle navigation systems have displayed for years both weather information within the navigation map as well as separately with a forecast.


While, as Jonathan Spira reported, CarPlay is smart enough to discriminate when an iPhone user also has an Apple Watch on, the system has no provision to resolve the conflict of already displaying navigation instructions on the CarPlay central display and doing so only serves to drain the battery on the watch. Ditto stand alerts (“Hey Siri, I’m driving now, you really want me to stand?”) and other watch-specific alerts as well as the raise-to-wake function. Our editorial director has an interim fix, however: he turns theater mode on but that means that the raise-to-wake function remains disabled once he steps out of the vehicle and fails to turn off theater mode.

CarPlay on the 2017 Cadillac CT6

CarPlay on the 2017 Cadillac CT6


The good news coming out of Cupertino is that Apple will include speed limit notifications (already available in the first iOS 11 beta), a feature quite common on in-vehicle systems as well as on Google Maps, and lane guidance (available since iOS 11 Beta 2). The latter displays the lane the driver should be in via a floating black information panel that disappears after it’s no longer needed. Lane guidance is also provided via Siri’s voice prompts as well.

Apple Maps will also suggest alternative routing in CarPlay in iOS 11. The lack of substitute routes has been one of Riegler’s major criticisms of using Apple Maps and CarPlay versus a built-in navi or Google Maps. Up until now, the Maps app would only recommend shorter routes via a banner alert.

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