Disruptive Passenger with Dog Removed from American Airlines Flight to Chicago

By Paul Riegler on 7 July 2017
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IMGP3760An American Airlines passenger and her dog were removed from a flight from Atlanta to Chicago after she created a disturbance in the cabin.

A portion of the incident, which took place Wednesday on American Flight 218, was captured on video and posted online.

The incident started when a flight attendant and another passenger argued with the woman because refused to place her seatback in an upright position according to another passenger on the flight, Michael Nash, who documented the flight on his Facebook page. She also played loud music from her phone without headphones on and yelled obscenities at other passengers.

“The lady was asked to pull up her seat for take off. An FAA rule,” he said. “Long story short, she flipped out and attacked the flight attendant!”

The woman also repeatedly walked up and down the aisle accompanied by her dog and got into a heated argument with a flight attendant in the rear galley.

The plane returned to the gate and the woman and her dog were escorted off. At Atlanta airport spokesman said that the woman was not arrested and was rebooked on a later flight.

The original flight was delayed by four hours due to the disruption.

(Photo: Accura Media Group)

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