3 Tips to Keep Your iPhone or Android Smartphone Charged During the Day

Unfortunately the Pokémon app won't find Pokestops with smartphone chargers.

By Jesse Sokolow on 24 July 2017
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Today’s smartphones have so many apps running in the background that sometimes it’s just a matter of hours before a user goes in search of a place to refresh the battery charge.

Here are three tips that will ensure your device is charged and still good to go at the end of the day.

1.) Carry a portable charger.

Instead of spending time searching for an outlet or putting your smartphone in a compromising position (such as on the floor where someone can step on it or where it could easily fall), simply carry a lightweight battery pack. We like the aluminum Mophie Powerstation 3X, which looks more like the back of an iPhone than a traditional battery pack. It’s by far the thinnest battery pack we’ve seen, it can charge two devices at 2.4 amps while providing 6000 mAh of power at once, and our tests show we can get at least three recharges of an iPhone 7 Plus out of it.  Plus it’s only $49.99 at amazon.com.

The mophie Powerstation 3X

The mophie Powerstation 3X

2.) For a quick charge, switch the phone to Airplane Mode.

The most effective way of charging a device quickly is to limit the power it draws while charging. This is most easily accomplished by switching the device to Airplane Mode, which turns off the device’s wireless function. Without any significant power drain from the device updating in the background and searching for a cellular network, it will charge significantly faster.

3.) Charge overnight.

It’s an old wives’ tale that you shouldn’t leave your smartphone plugged in to charge for a long period of time. Since modern smartphones will stop charging once 100% capacity is reached, it’s fine to charge your smartphone overnight. If, however, you’re not the type of person who runs out of juice every day, you might want to skip overnight recharging if it has 50% or more left as batteries will last longer if recharged less frequently.

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