Ride-Sharing Now An Option in New York City’s Yellow Cabs

By Paul Riegler on 6 June 2017
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368C0610 (1)NEW YORK—Yellow cab riders in New York City will be able to share their taxis with a stranger starting Tuesday, receiving a discounted fare in return.

Two companies, Via, a car pool app, and Curb, a yellow-cab hailing app provider, have partnered with over 7,000 yellow cabs in the city to offer the service.

Users must register with one of the apps and will then be able to summon a shared taxi on demand. The user will be responsible for 40% of the metered fare for his portion of the shared ride and no more than two parties, consisting of no more than three people in aggregate, can share a cab.

The new option comes at a time when delays on subways and commuter railroad systems are making headlines on a weekly basis.

(Photo: Accura Media Group)

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