Review: ‘In & Of Itself’ at Daryl Roth Theatre

By Jonathan Spira on 29 June 2017
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“In and Of Itself” is somewhat deceptive. If you don’t quite know what to expect, you might think Derek DelGaudio is hosting a late-night talk show, à la David Letterman or Johnny Carson.

But the show is more than that. DelGaudio is a magician, a storyteller, and possibly even a mind reader. He will also tell you, in the course of the show, that he’s a wolf, a dog, a son, an orphan, and then there’s also something about an elephant.

The show asks an important question of the theatergoer: “Who are you?” In the lobby (pictured), each person is asked to pick a card that he identifies with: a management consultant, a mother, a wizard, a pornographer, a stoner, and the one I picked because I had just been in a Disney mood, a Mouseketeer. Any more, and I’d be giving the ending away.

Directed by Frank Oz, with executive producer Neil Harris, the show had its moments but there was also a good deal of tedium, exacerbated by what must be some of the most uncomfortable seats I’ve experienced in a theater.

The illusions are spectacular; the storytelling varies from spellbinding to positively tedious. Mr. DelGaudio is at his best when he is wading into the audience but we can’t tell you why he does that without giving something away.


In & Of Itself
Daryl Roth Theater
103 E 15th Street
New York, N.Y. 10003
Runtime: 70 minutes, no intermission, no late seating

(Photo: Accura Media Group)

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