Lobby Bar – June 9: Portable Fireplaces, Bring Your Own Restaurant, and Why Muggles Hate the Theater

By Jeremy Del Nero on 9 June 2017
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Lobby Bar – A Coin-Operated Summary of News and Views. Please Insert Coin Now.

Something missing. Join Jonathan Spira and Jeremy Del Nero at Upper Story, a restaurant by Charlie Palmer. Upper Story is a new concept: BYO restaurant. What started with us bringing our own coffee creamer and dessert and has since evolved into a full-fledged operation that requires dining guests to bring their own tables, chairs, and napkins as well. Soon, it will be nothing more than an empty room for guests to picnic in and enjoy the view.

BAU. Harry Potter fans, join John Buckley for wizardly extravaganza Puffs at the Elektra Theatre. Unfortunately, the show is top secret, and ushers are required to wipe the memories of all theatergoers, which means you’ll be out two hours, about $86, and a few dozen brain cells. Or, just another Tuesday.

Hot and cold. The weather is starting to warm and it’s time to begin planning your summer getaway. One plus to global warming: it will be soon be like this all year round! Then, of course, it will become deadly hot and everything will perish, but that’s for future generations to worry about.

Future-proof. Jesse Sokolow checks into the fun and colorful W Hotel in rainy downtown Seattle. To combat the weather, the hotel offers guests free rain shields (umbrellas) and portable fireplaces, powered by the headphone jack on your phone. Unfortunately, iPhone 7 users are out of luck unless they have a Lighting-to-Fireplace adapter dongle. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 owners need do nothing to secure a warming blaze.

Man bites dog. Journalism students are taught that “Dog Bites Man” isn’t news, whereas “Man Bites Dog” is. FBT News Editor Paul Riegler, who patiently waited decades to use the former, misunderstood a recent news story emanating from a Delta flight and is now in the doghouse.

Says who? The Trump Organization will soon be launching a new mid-tier hotel chain called American Idea. We don’t know much about it yet, but Trump spokesman John Barron, whose voice sounds suspiciously like his boss’, said that “the hotel will be fantastic, really really good stuff, believe me, a great hotel, no the best hotel, and there will be a wall around it.”

Popularity contest. Good news for NYC taxi riders who like a good deal: reduced fares are coming to a yellow cab near you. To qualify for a lower rate, simply share your ride with a stranger, snap a selfie with them, post it to Instagram and, when it hits 10 likes, your account will be credited with half of the value of the fare.

Here we are now, entertainer. Lufthansa announced plans to issue iPads to its flight attendants. The move comes after multiple flight attendants complained that they were bored in-flight. The new tablets will come pre-loaded with a suite of games and apps (sorry, no WWII battle games), and when flipped upside down, they function as serving trays for beverages and snacks.

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