Lobby Bar – June 2: Land-locked Cars, Reach for the Stairs, German Audiophiles, and Vanity Airlines

By Jeremy Del Nero on 2 June 2017
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The Lobby Bar – An Apathetic Anthology of Travel News and Reviews

Alt-auto. Jonathan Spira calls shotgun in the 2017 Lincoln Continental. The auto ended up being one of Mr. Spira’s favorite cars to drive, but as its name implies, it cannot leave the continental United States. To drive in Hawaii, Alaska, or other U.S. territories, drivers will need to purchase the Lincoln Non-Contiguous-Far-Away-States edition of the vehicle.

To the stairs! Join Jesse Sokolow for a short stay at the Aloft BWI Baltimore Washington International Airport. Jesse opted for the Runway Package, which offers guests the option to be picked up by a stair-car borrowed from the “Arrested Development” set outside his window, circumventing the elevator ride to the lobby and shuttle to the airport.

Peace, prez. Find out what sorts of great and not-so-great things have happened in Junes throughout travel history. In this edition, we highlight why William Howard Taft was the Original Gangster of Frequent Business Traveling, or OGFBT.

Not a triumph. We’re here to explain why exactly the German-American transatlantic partnership is a little rocky at the moment. Apparently it all started when President Trump tried out his German with this phrase: “die Deutschen sind böse, sehr böse,” but it turns out that the president doesn’t think Germans are evil, rather that they just own a lot of Bose headphones, an equally irrelevant comment.

Walking on water. While Amtrak announced no changes to its premium high-speed Acela train schedule during planned summer track repairs at Penn Station in New York City, it did announce that New Jersey Transit customers will have to cross the Hudson River on their own. Officials said they would provide paddles and canoes to passengers upon presentation of their tickets.

Poseurs get board. JetBlue is about to let passengers self-board using selfies at the gate. The selfies must be taken using Snapchat, then sent to the official JetBlue Snapchat account plus ten friends, and must incorporate a minimum of two filters (one of which must be a geo-location tag).

Turn me on. Hilton will be rolling out new fitness-focused rooms in some of its hotels. These rooms will contain various exercise machines, such as the bike-to-operate flat-screen TV, leg-lift-powered water heater for the shower, and arm-curling-fueled outlets for mobile phone charging. Failure to burn at least 1,200 calories each day will result in a small lack of use surcharge.

Toetally rad. Eyeing JetBlue’s move to allow selfies for boarding, Delta has announced the ability for flyers to use their fingerprints to board. Due to a technical bug, however, the machines are currently having trouble reading fingerprints, but passengers can still remove their shoes and socks and scan their left pinky toes to verify their identity.

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