Lobby Bar – May 26: Scandalous Sisters, My Bloody Verizontine, and Getting the Boot

By Jeremy Del Nero on 26 May 2017
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The Lobby Bar – A Euphoric Eulogy of Travel News and Reviews

We are your eyes. Safety is always uncertain, but we have a few tips on how your travel can be safer this summer. We suggest equipping a baseball cap topped with a 360° camera, then hiring FBT’s newest intern, Alex Dot, to watch your surroundings around the clock so you don’t have to.

The dark side. Join Jonathan Spira for “The View UpStairs” at the Lynn Redgrave Theater. Afterwards, join Jeremy Del Nero (howdy!) for “The View DownStairs” at our new sister magazine, to be named (take our poll):

  1. Frumpy Beaver Temptress
  2. Fabulous Beard Trimmers
  3. Make your own!
  4. Fabulous Bear Tamer

Cherry on top. It’s time to do some light spring shopping, and where better to check than our 2017 Spring Gift Guide: Diamond Edition. Now you know what you’d like to buy, but you have nobody to give the gift to… consider donating it to the newly established TEF, or Travel Editor Foundation, headquartered in Chappaqua, New York, and helps travel editors in need.

Crime & punishment. Hop into the time machine with Jeremy Del Nero for a trip to the swingin’ 60s in New York City. Unfortunately, I didn’t get authorization from Jesse to use the time machine, which is apparently reserved exclusively for Great Moments in Travel History feature stories, and I’ve been banished to write for Fabulous Bear Tamer for a full week.

Bloody good. Good news: soon EU roaming charges will be a thing of the past for European travelers. Instead of money, service providers only require a small blood sacrifice each month, made payable by a cotton swab in the mail or in person at your local post office branch.

Fact or fiction? A passenger attempted to open the cockpit door of an American Airlines jet en route to Honolulu. Upon finding out that this was not the door to the lavatory, he returned calmly to his seat. Just kidding, he wrapped a blanket around his head, banged loudly on the cabin walls, and had to be duct taped to his seat.

The choice is yours. Choice Hotels announced will begin offering additional benefits for members of its Choice Privileges loyalty program. These members will now have their Choice of hotel rooms when they check in, and if that room happens to already be occupied by another guest, that guest will be asked nicely (then, forcibly) to relocate.

A sign. The Donald is upset again, this time with Germany for being too popular a carmaker in the United States. To halt the sales of German cars to Americans, the president threatened to slap a 35% tax on the vehicles, as well as requiring the fitting of bumper stickers that read “I got this from Germany. I am bad. Very bad.”

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