British Airways Weekend Computer Outage: ‘Never Again’ It Vows

By Paul Riegler on 29 May 2017
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DSC_0327British Airways said Sunday that the colossal IT outage it experienced the prior day morning will not be repeated.

The British flag carrier said it was taking the necessary steps to ensure there would be no repeat of what it had termed a “major IT systems failure,” which resulted in the cancellation of all flights out of London Heathrow and Gatwick airports on Saturday. Over 75,000 passengers were stranded as a result.

In a videoed statement, the airline’s CEO, Alex Cruz, said that the failure occurred due to a power surge Saturday morning that knocked out the systems used to operate flights and communicate with aircraft.

“Once the disruption is over, we will carry out an exhaustive investigation into what caused this incident, and take measures to ensure it never happens again,” he said.

All told, the outage will likely cost BA over £70 million ($89 million) including £52 million in mandatory compensation to passengers under EU rules.

The airline’s CEO said that, out of the 75,000 stranded passengers, he expects that two thirds will have been transported to their destinations by the end of Monday.

Airline computer outages have become more common in recent years. In April, Lufthansa and Air France experienced a short outage that temporarily halted the boarding process and both Delta Air Lines and United Airlines suffered system failures in January of this year that delayed tens of thousands of passengers. Delta also suffered a massive systems failure last August that resulted in the cancellation of thousands of flights over a period of several days.

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