2017 Spring Gift Guide: Diamond Edition

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Who doesn’t like candy? Sugarwish, a company that will send gifts of recipient-selected candy to lucky recipients, has a Willy Wonka-esque mission that seems to come straight out of the song, The Candy Man, offering the lucky few

What kind of candy you want
Sweet choc’late
Choc’late malted candy
Gum drops
Anything you want

It’s like PayPal for candy: anyone can send anyone else candy that ranges from Gummy Peach Rings to Sour Patch Kids to Gum Drops to Jelly Bellys. Oh, and there are nine types of chocolate to pick from as well.

Sugarwish candy – starting at $18.50 at www.sugarwish.com



Some 71% of the earth’s surface is comprised of water and the human body consists of up to 60% water. Thus it isn’t surprising that we tend to consume a lot of it as well.

Sometimes, despite the 150 varieties available at the local store, it can get a tad boring and that’s where Fruition’s infuser water bottle comes in. The Fruition bottle, which is dishwasher safe and suitable for hot or cold drinks, infuses anything from fresh fruit, spices, or tea into what we drink.

We tried a variety of fresh fruits including blueberries, strawberries, and several melons but it’s possible to take this to the next level and create a variety of detox drinks as well. Simply put the fruit into the bottom of the bottle, pour in water, and push on the bottom to start the infusion process.

Fruition Infusing Water Bottle – $17.13 at amazon.com

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EShave, which crafts its razors by hand in New York City, now offers a travel razor with a solid nickel-plated head, a Lucite handle, and metal travel canister. The razor completely disassembles to fit inside its velvet bag (the people at eShave think of everything: the bag is to protect the razor from scratches) and the canister is compact enough to be innocuous.

Unlike other travel razors, eShave’s has a hefty feel and feels great in one’s hand, something that can’t be underestimated when shaving.

The travel version comes in four colors and the home version is available in nine.

EShave Travel Razor – $90 at amazon.com

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