United Airlines Changes Policy on ‘Must-Ride’ Crewmembers to Ensure No Passengers Are Removed after Boarding

By Jeremy Del Nero on 15 April 2017
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DSC_0865 (1)United Airlines told its employees that it would no longer allow “must-ride” crewmembers to be booked on oversold flights in the hour prior to departure.

“Effective immediately, Crew Scheduling is now only able to make must-ride deadhead bookings on oversold flights if it is 60 minutes or more before the estimate time of departure,” the airline wrote in an in-flight services alert.

The change will help ensure that the denied boarding process on oversold flights won’t take place on board an aircraft but rather in the gate area.

The policy is intended to help avoid the highly publicized incident a week ago in Chicago where a passenger on a flight to Louisville was dragged from his seat in an aircraft by members of the Chicago Aviation Department after refusing to give up his seat for a must-ride crewmember.

“No must ride crew member can displace a customer who has boarded an aircraft,” the memo to the airline’s employees emphatically states.

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