Lobby Bar – April 7: Manual Elevators, French Ducklings, Being Trapped in a Conference Room, and Why Cars Love Phones

By Jeremy Del Nero on 7 April 2017
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Lobby Bar – A Way to Escape from Reality at No Cost. Also, News.

Sit, Booboo, Sit. Join me for a complete guide of how to connect your iPhone to your car via CarPlay. Cars with the CarPlay feature like to play games with their owners including fetch. Simply throw the iPhone out the window while driving, and the car will drive onto the grassy shoulder and sniff around for it. Be forewarned however, if there is no grassy shoulder, you’re on your own.

Trust us. Be wary of phishing scams that are becoming increasingly more complex. Although, if you happen to receive an e-mail from Jesse’s cousin over at Google asking that you update your password, this one is legit and trustworthy. So go ahead and click on the link provided and submit any information asked for or you may be locked out of Gmail.

Elevator boy. Join us at the Hotel Sorrento in Seattle, Washington. The hotel is over a century old and there are many indicators of the building’s age, including the WWI veteran bellboy, the wooden mail pigeonholes behind the front desk, cobwebs preserved from the First World War, and an elevator that runs on an elaborate pulley system powered by the hotel’s interns, as was customary at the time.

Le canard qui rit. French automakers Citroën and Peugeot said they plan to reenter the U.S. market, starting with an Uber-like ride-sharing service. Citroën plans to issue a special edition 2CV for former Uber drivers that will share the same specs as the original, including its ability to do zero to 60 in under one day. At press time, a spokesman for the automaker said that the wait list is already longer than for the Trabant.

Sit and stay. Another successful meeting of the American Service Society of Corporate Ambulatory Managers, or ASSCAM, took place on April 1. Attendees concluded that business travelers get too distracted during meetings, and walls should be erected around meeting rooms to ensure that members don’t wander off. The walls are electrified, and the password to turn off the current is on the last slide of the 137-page PowerPoint presentation.

Creating again. Jesse hops into his time machine and explores the travel scene in Aprils throughout history. Find out how Jesse traveled to 1700 and ended up wreaking havoc in both the past and the future. Thankfully, he was able to explain his behavior by creating a holiday based on pranking people. And that, boys and girls, is how April Fool’s Day came to be.

Reduce, re-use. JetBlue announced that it would begin supporting green initiatives in the cities it serves. The airline will begin by scouring the streets of New York city’s Gramercy Park neighborhood for discarded silver, wine goblets, linen napkins, Royal Copenhagen China, and Ralph Lauren blankets, and reuse these items as part of its service in its Mint cabin. For other neighborhoods it has an army of painters with buckets of lime green paint at the ready.

Hop-skip away. LaGuardia Airport will be relocating its Central Terminal pickup area for Uber, Lyft, and other car services to a more remote facility. The exact location hasn’t been disclosed yet, but we have it on good authority that Riker’s Island will be the official pickup spot. “It’s just a short swim away and there’s no getting away from it,” said one official to Frequent Business Traveler.

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