U.S. and U.K. Ban Larger Electronic Devices in Cabins from Multiple Muslim-Majority Countries

By Paul Riegler on 21 March 2017
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Entering a security checkpoint at London Heathrow

Entering a security checkpoint at London Heathrow

The United States and the United Kingdom both announced bans on laptops, tablets, and other portable electronic devices in aircraft cabins on flights from multiple Muslim-majority countries.

The U.K. ban applies to six countries, namely Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, and Saudi Arabia, while the U.S. ban covers ten airports in eight countries: Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Qatar, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

While the U.S. ban only impacts non-U.S. airlines, the U.K. ban affects six British and eight foreign carriers. Crew members are not affected by either the U.K. or U.S. bans.

“Direct flights to the U.K. from these destinations can continue to operate to the U.K. subject to these new measures being in place,” said a spokesman for the U.K. government.

Travelers from airports covered by the ban will be required to place all personal electronic devices other than mobile phones into their checked baggage.

While several airlines, including Royal Jordanian, already announced that the measures were in effect, the actual start date remains unclear and it is also unclear as to how long the ban would remain in effect.

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