Review: ‘Come From Away’ at Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre

By Jonathan Spira on 17 March 2017
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The big news of the day on September 11, 2001 was the school bus strike in Gander. That was until the “plane people” arrived and this is the theme of “Come From Away,” a musical that opened last Sunday that will make you laugh and cry and restore your faith in humanity, all within 100 minutes with no intermission.

Gander, of course, is home to Gander International Airport, once one of the world’s largest because of its strategic location near the great circle route between the east coast of the United States and Europe. The advent of the jet age meant there was no need to stop to refuel for airlines crossing the Atlantic.

What happened on September 11, 2001 requires no explanation. U.S. airspace – for the first time in history – was completely shut down and suddenly 38 large airliners were diverted to the tight-knit community of Gander.



Up until that day, the airport in Gander typically saw just a handful of planes and that was on a busy day. All of a sudden, some 7,000 tired and bewildered passengers arrived, not quite knowing where they were or why they were there, or how long it would take them to reach their final destinations.

This Canadian export, written by the husband and wife team of Irene Sankoff and David Hein, and directed by Christopher Ashley, comes at a time when divisiveness is far more prevalent than inclusivity, where countries talk about building walls rather than building bridges.

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