Review and Test Drive: 2017 Cadillac CT6 Platinum AWD

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While I generally liked Cadillac’s Art and Science design philosophy, introduced in 1999 with shockingly bold clean, sharp corners and creases, the CT6 offers drivers a combination of understated elegance and serious road presence. With its long hood and low, wide stance that softens and improves the look, it is now more art and much less science.

In size, it’s comparable to the BMW 7 Series, the Audi A8, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, and the Lexus LS, albeit with a noticeably lower starting price.

Thanks to a combination of steel and aluminum, the CT6 weighs less than the smaller CTS despite that it’s bigger than the full-size XTS front-wheel drive sedan, which will continue to be offered. To put this in perspective, even though the CT6’s wheelbase is almost 6” (15 centimeters) longer than that of the BMW 5er, the CT6 is lighter. Similarly, it’s 2” (5 centimeters) shorter than the S-Class, but (equipped with the twin-turbo V-6 engine) it is 700 pounds (318kilograms) lighter than an S550 with a 4.7-liter V-8, although the V-8 powerplant might account for part of the difference.

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Open the door: its cavernous interior rivals the Bimmer and Benz in comfort, appointments, and space, but the CT6 is its own car, especially with the Platinum variant where it’s possible to set seat angle and individual temperature, both heating and cooling, for front and rear passengers. Front occupants get 20-way seat adjustability and all seats have tilting cushions and adjustable lumbar support. Also included are 15 massage settings.

The interior is clearly Cadillac but it is evolutionary. Rich soft materials abound and fit and finish are excellent. The digital and customizable dash is very well designed and provides information in a clear, concise manner.

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