Lobby Bar – March 3: Getting Noticed in Flight, Demons Love Airports, and the TSA Goes Rogue

By Jeremy Del Nero on 3 March 2017
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Lobby Bar – A Silly Soliloquy of FBT News and Views

Loyal to the end. Boeing’s high-tech 787 Dreamliner aircraft has surpassed the 767 in total orders in a third of the time. This is thanks to Boeing’s popular Dreamliner Punch Rewards Card. Every time an airline buys a Dreamliner, it gets an airplane-shaped hole punch in the card, and after ten punches, the airline can head to Starbucks and get a free mocha!

Depends on the person. Take our personality-type survey to find out which trusted traveler program is right for you. ESTJ personalities should try Global Entry, INFJ people may enjoy TSA PreCheck, and ISTP folks should look into clear. All other personality types must not only wait in the normal lines, but go through the x-ray machine to make sure they didn’t swallow anything suspicious.

New and improved. Jesse Sokolow travels back to great travel moments in Marches throughout history. Jesse has gone on so many eventful trips now that we’ll be launching a new column next month called Great Moments in Time Traveling History, which will exclusively feature Jesse’s personal account of history, diary-style.

Safe and clean. We’ve got some tips to help you avoid food-borne illnesses while traveling. It’s crucial to always drink tap water, especially at public fountains, and rely exclusively off street cart food, this way you know where all of your food and water is coming from. Alternatively, simply wash your snacks in bleach to get rid of any harmful bacteria.

They came from below. A lightning strike in New York caused a hole to form in one of the runways at LaGuardia. The hole was sealed as quickly as possible to prevent underworld Wargs and Balrogs from accessing the overworld, but just in case you see some demonic creatures on the subway, do not give them food or money. They will eat you unless you have The One Ring.

Minus the bed. As of the first of March, Hyatt and Hilton guest loyalty programs have changed in form and function. At both hotels, guests will now receive bonus points if they don’t sleep in their beds as this saves housekeeping time and money. Make sure you opt for padded bathtubs if you plan to take advantage of this bonus offer.

Now you see me. Swiss International Air Lines announced more “private” seat options in business class beginning at the end of March, for an added price. Conversely, the airline is also offering discounts to new seats that are the most visible to their more voyeuristic passengers.

They know better. The groundhogs might have been wrong about six more weeks of winter, but New York’s sewer rats were correct as always. When the rats choose street garbage over subway garbage, spring will arrive early.

Not sponsored by MasterCard. The European Union said it would no longer allow visa-free travel by U.S. citizens.  Alfred Kelly, the CEO of Visa International, said the move was not as much to ban American Express and MasterCard as it was to ensure a big year-end bonus for him and his team.

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