Boeing Begins Talks with Airlines on New ‘797’ Aircraft

By Paul Riegler on 10 March 2017
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DSC_0420It’s been called the New Mid-sized Airplane, the New Market Airplane, and the Middle of the Market, or MoM, airplane, but what it may very well be is the forthcoming Boeing 797.

At the annual conference of the International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading, or ISTAT, airline executives mingled with those who design and build aircraft for them to fly.

With all the discussion about MoM and NMA, someone was bound to point out what was on everyone’s mind.

“Call it a 797,” said Steven Udvar-Hazy, chairman of Air Lease Corp., a major aircraft purchaser. “That’s what it’s going to be.”

The new aircraft would be sized between the largest single-aisle 737 and the smallest twin-aisle 787 Dreamliner and would enter service in 2025 at the earliest. It would replace the aging 757s and 767s in many airline fleets.

Boeing is said to favor building the 797 as a twin-aisle jet that can carry more than 200 passengers with a medium range of about 5,200 miles or 8,370 kilometers.

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