Majority of Frequent Travelers Oppose Trump Travel Ban

By Paul Riegler on 13 February 2017
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A new Frequent Business Traveler poll revealed that most frequent travelers oppose President Trump’s recently enacted “Foreign Terrorist Entry” executive order.

The poll, conducted by Frequent Business Traveler and FlyerTalk, the world’s largest online travel community, between February 1 and February 10, also found that the ban is having significant impact on both personal and corporate travel.

The executive order was immediately challenged in the courts, where several judges struck down parts of the order and a Seattle federal judge issued an injunction putting key parts of it on hold nationwide, a decision that was upheld on appeal.


Sixty-seven percent answered “no” when asked “Do you support the travel ban?” Furthermore, three out of ten said that the ban is directly posing difficulties for them or their employer, while only one out of ten said this has “yet to be determined.”

Slightly more than half, 54%, said that the ban did not pose any difficulties for them or the companies they work for.

Among those saying that they or a family member had encountered difficulties thanks to the ban 68% cited uncertainty regarding status of current green card and visa holders, while 56% said employees not being allowed to return to the United States was a major difficulty. In addition, 56% were concerned about future limitations while 5.6% said that they or a family member had not been allowed to return to the United States.

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