Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa – Hotel Review

By Jeremy Del Nero on 4 January 2017
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Flying to Hawaii, I was prepared for beaches and relaxation. I wasn’t, however, prepared for penguins or the stars. The flightless birds in the lobby of the hotel seemed out of place, but actually the vast majority of penguins prefer warmer climates. The stars I merely forgot about, perhaps due to the light pollution in New York City that renders most of the sky a gray blanket at night. Re-introductions to the beautiful night sky with its constellations were made during a stargazing tour on the hotel roof.

My airport shuttle pulled up to the Hyatt Regency Maui Resort & Spa on a cloudy Monday in late November. I waited patiently for the hotel’s front doors to open, either automatically or at the hands of a doorman, before realizing that the hotel had no doors at all. Welcome to Maui.

At the front desk, I received a lei (made with fresh flowers) along with my room key and, after declining assistance with my luggage, took the elevator to the 22nd floor of the property. My suite overlooked the resort pool, beach, ocean, and on the horizon, the Hawaiian island of Lanai.

Having been on the road and airborne for more than 16 hours, it didn’t take long for me to succumb to the allure of the king size bed. I quickly drifted off, lulled by the sound of waves crashing onto the beach below.


The author’s bed


Daylight awakened me as it filtered in through the balcony’s floor-to-ceiling sliding doors, illuminating the entire suite. On the other side of the glass, two chairs and a small glass table provided a cozy place to start off each morning, relax during the day, and check e-mail in fresh air.

With a restful night of sleep behind me, I was able to take stock of the room more clearly than the night before. My bed proved to be immensely comfortable and provided me four full, uninterrupted nights of sleep throughout my stay.

Even with the king size bed, a dresser, desk and chair, and living room area, I was able to spread out and make myself at home during my stay.  The sofa was very comfortable and served well when I entertained company.

Twin nightstands topped by reading lamps, offered bedside storage. The lamp bases provided a single outlet, useful for phone charging.

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