‘The Illusionists: Turn of the Century’ at Palace Theater

Rolling Back the Clock to the Golden Age of Magic

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In the performance, Amélie, while blindfolded, impressively discerns what Thommy Ten holds in his hands as he goes to various members of the audience and requests a random item. What he is given ranges from a mobile phone (Amélie states the brand and color, although white iPhones aren’t terribly unusual) but she also discerned a pill bottle and provided the number of pills inside.

Beyond the Clairvoyants, I found Dana Daniels, who carried the unlikely but foreboding nickname “the Charlatan,” to be quite charming. Along with his psychic parrot, Luigi (and for the naysayers, yes I really think the parrot was psychic) his sense of humor and perfect timing confirmed why he is a two-time winner of the International Magician Society’s Comedy Magician of the Year Award.

Other performers of note include Charlie Frye (nicknamed “the Eccentric”), a modern day vaudevillian, who displays immense skill in juggling, magic, and sleight of hand, and Justo Thais (“the Great Carlini”), who stands in the shadows while his puppet provides the prestidigitation.

The acts are solid and even the magicians in the audience I spoke to had little if no idea as to how many of the tricks were performed.

“The Illusionists” harkens back to a simpler time, one before Doug Henning opened on Broadway, before David Copperfield on television, and before Siegfried and Roy hit Vegas and it’s unquestionably the most magical show Broadway has seen since Houdini.


“The Illusionists: Turn of the Century”
Palace Theater
1564 7th Avenue
New York, N.Y. 10036

Limited holiday engagement through January 1, 2017

(Photos: Accura Media Group)

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