Lobby Bar – December 23: Reindeer Get High, the Ultimate Instagram, and how Canadians do Security

By Jeremy Del Nero on 23 December 2016
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Picky eater. Jonathan Spira flies in Air Berlin’s business class from New York to Düsseldorf. The menu was tailored to Mr. Spira’s exacting specifications: the crew replaced his dish’s tomatoes and onions with popcorn and marshmallows. It was the least healthy salad he would ever consume, but at least he got a good Instagram picture out of it.

Acronyms, They Are A-Changin’. If you’re traveling to Canada, make sure you get an eTa. Without an estimated Time of arrival, it will be difficult to coordinate an airport pickup. Also, anticipate an IQ test. That is to say, be prepared for Immediate Questioning when you cross the border as Canadian officials are adamant about knowing your favorite color and food.

Time is on your side. If you’ve ever wondered why it’s necessary for planes to undergo a deicing process prior to flying in the wintertime, we’ve got answers. Ice buildup on an aircraft can multiply quickly at high altitudes, and over time the aircraft will become a giant ice sculpture. While this is safe for flying, it means that passengers have to wait on the tarmac after landing for the ice to melt, which can take several hours, a luxury diamond guests can not afford.

Oh, deer. If you’re still in need of gifts, you may be able to snag something last minute in our gift guide. Of course, you will need expedited shipping on Santa’s sleigh, and the cost for caffeine pills formulated for reindeer have skyrocketed in recent years, so be prepared to shell out a few bucks. However, frequent flyers with Red Nose status are entitled to the shipping upgrade at no cost.

Never too early. We’ve also got gift recommendations for the intellectual in your life. Check out our bookshelf holiday gift guide for worthy titles. One such book, “Why You Shouldn’t Wait Until the Last Minute to Buy Holiday Gifts” may be especially relevant, and comes with an alarm clock preset to December 1, 2017 to remind you for next year.

Get it while it’s hot. T-Mobile is introducing a new plan that lets customers make unlimited international calls for an additional monthly fee. While we were wondering what the “uncarrier” will come up with next, the company announced it would soon be changing its name to Tea-Mobile and delivering tea bags to its customers every month.

Social intel. Delta announced that it would no longer require doctors to provide medical credentials before helping an ill passenger in-flight. Instead, they will need to display their five most recent tweets and if any of them contain the words “lit”, “savage”, or “af”, they will not be permitted to assist the passenger.

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