Fall Travel Quiz Results: Please Have This Test Signed by a Parent

By Jesse Sokolow on 15 November 2016
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With autumn comes the return of school and everything related – including quizzes. However, some of you may have confused the word “fall” with the word “fail,” as many participants in this edition of our travel quiz scored well below average.

Here are the numbers:

Only 1.8% of you earned an A, having answered every question correctly. This was a small decrease from 2.6% of you who aced the quiz the last time. Approximately 10.5% of you scored an A- or 9 out of 10 correct, which was a major improvement from the 2.6% last time.

Twenty-one percent managed a B+, with 8 out of 10 answered correctly (a large increase from 13.3% on the last quiz), while 24.6% of you earned a B with 7 out of 10. The remaining 42.2% placed well below the curve.

The two easiest questions were “Which company’s mobile phone is banned from trains and planes but not automobiles?” and “Which country did multiple U.S. carriers recently start offering flights to?” To these, 93.7% of you answered Samsung and Cuba, respectively, displaying an apt knowledge for cell phones and lifted embargoes.

Many of you answered the questions “The two hotel chains that merged recently are” and “Which major currency has been hammered post Brexit?” correctly, with 87.3% of participants getting each right. For those of you that didn’t know that the British pound was affected by Brexit – well, let’s just say you may need a currency refresher course.

We were pleased to note that 75.4% of you knew the answer to “The star of which Broadway show partnered with a U.S. senator to combat ticket bots?” It was Hamilton, indicating an affinity for, or at the very least, an awareness of, the arts amongst our readers.

Following closely was “The controversial European airline establishing a U.S. pilot base is,” to which 73.1% provided the correct answer, Norwegian Air. This is not surprising as, during our last quiz, 56% knew that the controversial carrier was the one that had been approved to offer flights to the United States by the Department of Transportation.

Here’s where things get a bit dicey. There was then a steep drop off, as the next most correctly answered questions, “Which hotel chain is putting desks back into guestrooms?” and “Which mobile customer currently offers its customers free high-speed data roaming in Europe?” saw less than half of the class – 49.1% – provide the correct answers. Marriott, now the world’s largest hotel chain, was the answer for the former, and for the more than 50% of you who didn’t choose T-Mobile as the answer for the latter, please note you may be paying too much for international data roaming.

Thirty-five percent of you knew the answer to “Which country is getting a high-speed train to the plane?” perhaps indicating that many of you were tricked by the presence of Japan in the answer section, given the country’s current bullet trains (the right answer was Israel).

Finally, the question that stumped most quiz-takers was “Which airline announced plans for an Eastern Shuttle-style service to several European cities?” with only 28.1% providing the correct answer, Lufthansa.

Concerned about your final grade? You may find comfort in that the holidays are almost here, and soon thereafter, the start of a new year. Perhaps you’ll do better in 2017.

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