U.S. Unveils New Regulations for Airline Industry

By Paul Riegler on 18 October 2016
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DSC_0313 (1)The U.S. government announced a series of new regulations intended to make the airline industry more consumer friendly by boosting competition and helping travelers make more informed decisions.

“Passengers should not be charged for services they do not receive,” the White House said in a statement. If a passenger pays a fee for a checked bag and the bag is delayed en route, the airline will be required to refund the fee.

The new regulations require airlines to provide passengers with on time performance data based on their own performance and that of their regional partners flying under their umbrella. They also require websites that offer airline tickets to have no hidden biases that might favor one airline over another.

Carriers will be required to do a better job of reporting on mishandled luggage and damaged or lost wheelchairs so that travelers can make an informed decision when purchasing a ticket.

Meanwhile, the airline industry in the United States cautioned that the new rules could inadvertently harm consumers by reregulating the industry.

“Efforts designed to reregulate how airlines distribute their products and services are bad for airline customers, employees, the communities we serve and our overall U.S. economy,” said Nicholas Calio, CEO of Airlines for America, the trade association representing most major U.S. airlines.

The Department of Transportation also said it is looking into additional new rules that would require “all-in-one” pricing, effectively banning airlines from charging extra for seat assignments and baggage.

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