Broadway Shows Hit the Road, Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

Don’t Miss ‘An American in Paris,’ ‘Finding Neverland,’ ‘Fun Home,’ and ‘Hedwig and the Angry Inch’

By Paul Riegler on 13 October 2016
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Over the next 12 months, hundreds of actors will travel from metropolis to hamlet, bringing Broadway shows to the stage in communities large and small including cities known for a vibrant theater scene such as Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia as well as Charlotte, North Carolina; East Lansing, Michigan; and St. Louis, Missouri.

Here are four of our favorites shows from the past season that are coming soon to a theater near you.

An American in Paris at the Palace Theatre

An American in Paris at the Palace Theatre

‘An American in Paris’

When “An American in Paris” – the adaption of the 1951 film of the same name – was first announced, it was presumed by many (myself included) to already have been produced as a musical. That turned out not to be the case but the transition from screen to stage worked “brilliantly” according to Jonathan Spira in his review.

Building on the imagery of Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron dancing to Gershwin tunes, it starts with a love story set in post-World War II Paris but differs from the film in many respects.

As the curtain rises, Paris is still recovering from the German occupation. Adam Hochberg is a Jewish composer, injured in the war, who befriends Jerry, another American GI (played by Gene Kelly in the film). They meet Henri, a budding singer who is hiding his musical ambitions from his wealthy family.

All three – a composer, an artist, and a singer – are in love with ballerina-in-training Lise and off we go.

Finding Neverland original Broadway cast

Finding Neverland original Broadway cast

‘Finding Neverland’

Don’t be surprised if you are one of the older theatergoers at this musical based on the 2004 movie about J. M. Barrie and Peter Pan.

A bright point of light moves about the theater to cheers and applause and, if you don’t get the Tinkerbelle reference, you might want to skip the show.

Nonetheless, it’s a magical tour de force telling the story of how Peter becomes Pan and how Scottish-born Barrie goes from successful playwright to one with writer’s block and an unhappy marriage to the creator of one of the best-known children’s stories of the past century.

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