American Airlines to Rebank Philly Hub, Reduce Number of Flights There

By Paul Riegler on 16 October 2016
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Terminal A at Philadelphia International Airport

Terminal A at Philadelphia International Airport

American Airlines said it will adjust the timing of its flights at Philadelphia International Airport to improve overall operational efficiency and offer greater convenience for travelers. It said it will also reduce the number of flights it operates in and out of the airport although it will use larger planes on many routes to compensate for the reduction in frequency.

The world’s largest airline currently has eight waves of flight departures and arrivals, known as banks, and will reduce that number to six starting January 1, 2017.

Banking flights, as it is called in the industry, is having more flights arrive and depart in narrower time windows, offering tighter and presumably better connections for passengers. With the change in Philly, American will eliminate very early departures from outlying spoke cities shifting 5 a.m. departures by up to 90 minutes.   This will translate into later departures out of Philadelphia as well.

Philadelphia, the airline’s fourth largest hub, has many more connecting traffic than what the airline industry refers to as O&D or originating and departing. The hope is that a later, and more convenient, departure in Philly will convince more travelers to fly American.

The airport in the City of Brotherly Love is not the first to be rebanked. Since its merger with US Airways in late 2013, American has implemented and fine-tuned banking at its hubs in Dallas/Fort Worth, Chicago, and Miami.

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