Review: Flying Tiger Copenhagen ‘Makulator’ Shredder

By Paul Riegler on 6 September 2016
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If Ikea had a gift department, it would look like a Flying Tiger store. If you aren’t familiar with Flying Tiger, it’s a Copenhagen-based company with over 650 shops across the globe, including several in the United States. The company, founded in 1995, operated until recently under several different names including Tiger and T-G-R (in Norway and Sweden) but it has rebranded all locations with the new moniker.

Flying Tiger unquestionably fulfills its mission of making products “you never knew existed.” I’ve been a big fan of their products for years and recently discovered a hand-cranked paper shredder for $10, the Makulator.

Makulator, as you might have guessed, is merely the Danish word for “shredder.” Flying Tiger, unlike its Scandinavian soul mate Ikea, doesn’t give its products overly quirky names such as Grönkulla, which means Green Gables and is a pattern in Ikea’s bedding department.

The Makulator in action

The Makulator in action

So back to the Makulator. I no longer wanted a big bulky shredder with waste paper basket in my home office; I only shredded a few items a week and hadn’t even bothered to set it up after moving at the start of the summer. Therefore, I was intrigued. I tried out the floor sample with the salesman, and it did indeed shred paper. It also looked good and is available in charcoal and blue.

I saw several advantages to the hand-cranked model including additional exercise (okay, I was fooling myself there), being green (it didn’t remain plugged in and it didn’t use anything but human power), and the minimal amount of space it would take up (it measures 6” x 2 3/4” x 5 1/4” or 152 x 70 x 133 mm).

Setting up the Makulator is easy. Once unpacked, just attach the crank as instructed and shred away.

The Makulator has an opening that will handle paper slightly under 5” (127 mm) in width and easily handles three or four sheets at a time, as long as the paper is not particularly thick.

The clear bin underneath makes it easy to know when to empty it and, after a few weeks of use, I find it suits my needs – shredding the occasional letter and receipt – efficiently.

One can purchase the Makulator for $10 at most Flying Tiger shops but the inventory does vary.

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