Travel Quiz Results: School’s Out for Summer But …

A Norwegian Dreamliner landing in Oslo.

By Jesse Sokolow on 8 August 2016
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Summer. When the road warrior’s thoughts go to beaches, piña coladas poolside, and… pop quizzes.

Our end-of-semester quiz was more difficult than we had originally thought so, as we hand out your grades, please keep in mind that your final grade in the class will be an average of the last three quizzes plus your book report.

Here’s how you fared:

Only 4.5% of you earned an A, with every answer correct. An additional 1.5% received an A-, with nine out of ten questions answered correctly. Approximately 4.5% get a B+ letter grade (8 out of 10), and 9% managed a straight B with 7 out of 10. As for the other 80.5% – well, let’s just say it wasn’t pretty.

The easiest question was “Which mobile operator is offering its customers free high-speed data roaming in Europe this summer?” Most of you were certainly up to the challenge, as 85% chose T-Mobile USA as the correct answer.

We were pleased to note that many of you were paying attention in class the day the teacher announced that United Airlines would be eliminating first-class cabins on international flights as 62.2% of you chose the correct answer. The class did almost as well in knowing that Southwest Airlines is allowing its employees to design their own uniforms.

In addition, 56% of the class knew that Norwegian Air Shuttle was the controversial European airline approved to offer flights to the United States by the Department of Transportation earlier this year. (To the 24.6% of you that guessed Air Serbia, all we can say is “good luck” on booking your flight.)

The proctor was impressed that slightly over 50% knew that the Czech Republic was rebranding itself “Czechia,” although we have to wonder about those of you who guessed it was “Czech Mate.”

From the “you need to read the papers more” category, a scant 31% of the class knew that Switzerland was the country that recently withdrew its application to join the European Union. Incredibly enough, almost 40% of the class chose Great Britain despite its highly publicized plans to exit the European Union after having been part of it for decades.

Similarly, almost 48% assumed that San Francisco recently introduced Wi-Fi enabled buses on its streets, while only one-third correctly stated it was New York City.

Some readers watch too many black-and-white sitcoms from the 1960s as almost a third guessed that “Hazel” was the name of Hilton’s new robotic concierge (it’s Connie, named after the hotelier’s founder, Conrad Hilton).

Finally, test takers were caught off guard by the questions “Which automaker is offering a ‘regular route’ navigation system that learns your preferences based on the routes you regularly take?” (it’s Volkswagen, by the way) and “Which U.S. airline was not chosen to offer service to Cuba?” (United Airlines) with only 18.8% and 29.9% getting the correct answer respectively.

Remember there’s only one month left of summer vacation, so we suggest you hit the books as there will always be another quiz that will help you keep up your GPA.

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