Lobby Bar – August 5: Lounging Duties, Accidental Flight Purchases, and How to Protect Yourself from your Keys

By Jeremy Del Nero on 5 August 2016
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Lobby Bar – A Cunningly Clever Collection of FBT News and Views

Trillumpary. Jesse Sokolow travels to Augusts throughout history to report on significant travel moments. He even went to August 2017 and knows who the next president will be, although he signed a non-disclosure agreement with ATTA (The American Time Travel Association) that prohibits him from sharing this information with anyone, except for one lone candidate under non-disclosure who immediately tweeted the results and moved to an undisclosed country surrounded by walls.

Safety first. Paul Riegler recommends a few of the safest and most peaceful destinations in the world for your next trip. Some of the places on the list are trying hard to maintain their safety record by sending out safety officials who will stop people in the street at random to file down their keys, confiscate sharp jewelry, and hand out fluoride toothpaste and sunscreen.

Sky yoga. Jonathan Spira flies to Portland, Oregon in Delta’s super hot First Class cabin. We mean hot literally, as it was uncomfortably warm throughout the duration of the flight. The pilot apologized for the heat and explained that the previous flight’s passengers had requested a hot yoga session, led by the plane’s flexible and well-rounded staff, and the aircraft had failed to cool down properly after the workout routine.

New to this. Just us with a friendly reminder that, in the event of a plane crash, do NOT attempt to take any of your luggage with you. In addition, do not attempt to take any clothes with you, and should you be wearing any, quickly and calmly remove all articles before exiting to safety. Those on a post-yoga flight may skip this step.

Card Wars. Loungebuddy is launching a promotion to give Visa card holders free access to airport lounges. The redeem, swipe your Visa card at the entrance of the lounge, and free access will be granted. Swipe a non-Visa card and you will be banned from the lounge for life, so choose wisely.

Hello, goodbye. Icelandair will soon allow passengers to book tickets through a Facebook Messenger chat bot. With location services turned on, simply greet the bot with a “hello” in the language of the destination, and the bot will book you on the first ticket out of the nearest airport.

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