Lin-Manuel Miranda and Chuck Schumer Act on Broadway ‘Ticket Bots’

By Jesse Sokolow on 15 August 2016
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IMG_2344New York Senator Chuck Schumer and “Hamilton” composer Lin-Manuel Miranda announced they are banding together to fight web-based ticket scalpers of live shows.

At a news conference held Sunday, the two unveiled new legislation, the Better On-line Ticket Sales Act of 2016 or BOTS Act, that would make it illegal to use automated ticket bots to purchase and resell tickets en masse.

If the legislation is passed, web scalpers will face a $16,000 fine for each ticket they resell using bots and it will also create an investigative taskforce that will track the bots and those who employ them down.

“The bot software that’s used right now basically makes the price range – even a special event price range – out of the range for most Americans,” said Miranda at the press conference.

According to information provided by the senator’s staff, scalpers were able to use ticket bots to obtain over 20,000 Hamilton tickets while Miranda served in the title role and earned a profit of more than $15.5 million by selling them.

“If the starting price for a ticket to Hamilton is $189, but the bots have been selling them from anywhere from $600 to $2,000 a ticket, just think how much money the people make,” said Schumer.

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