Even Hotel New York – Times Square South – Review

By Jesse Sokolow on 15 August 2016
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There are only five Even Hotels in the world, two of them in Manhattan. While the first two to open have already been reviewed here at Frequent Business Traveler, neither was in a major city. The first to open in New York City, the Even Hotel New York – Times Square South, was therefore worth exploring.

I arrived at the Even Hotels New York – Times Square South, one block from Penn Station, and was greeted enthusiastically by the Keep Active Host at the front desk. After receiving an overview about what makes the Even’s fitness-centric approach different from other hotels, I was provided with a map detailing what would be worth visiting in the neighborhood. Even brand hotels do not have the traditional reception area, but rather, its attendants stand behind a free-standing desk, enabling them to come from behind and interact with guests in a more personal manner.

After the brief exchange, I was issued my room key, guided to the elevators, and was off to a King room.

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My King room was equipped with an abundance of fitness equipment, including a yoga mat, foam roller, and exercise ball. Unlike what I have seen at other Even hotels, a separate exercise area n the room was not provided. There was a whiteboard with an inspirational quote of the day on it, and amenities included a Keurig coffee maker and a mini fridge should one need to keep something cold.

The queen size bed was fitted with Eucalyptus sheets, which felt adequately cooling when I took my post-arrival nap. The bed was flanked by night stands, and convenient power outlets were available at both stands.

The room’s Phillip’s Hue lighting system was fun to explore, changing the color of the ambient light above the bed to any shade of neon, before dimming the lights completely for a nap.

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