Delta Air Lines First Class New York-Portland, Oregon – Flight Review

By Jonathan Spira on 3 August 2016
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Given the hot and muggy weather that comes with the month of July in New York, I was looking forward to a flight to a much cooler clime in Portland, Oregon. Terminal 4 at John F. Kennedy International Airport was bustling the Sunday afternoon I was dropped off, and the terminal was a comfortable 68° F (20° F) as I walked over to the Sky Priority check-in area to get a bottle of water before heading over to the security checkpoint.

While there was almost no wait to enter the PreCheck checkpoint, once inside there were several passengers who seemed incapable of getting their bags into the x-ray machine without first taking shoes and belts and jackets off. Ignoring their antics, I walked around them (followed by several other passengers) and in short order proceeded through the walk-through metal detector and continued to gate 41 where boarding had already started.


While there was a long line waiting to board the Boeing 737 aircraft for the flight to Phoenix, no one was in the Sky Priority lane so I was on my way down the jet bridge in short order. It seemed a bit warm as I approached the aircraft and I soon found out why: it was unbearably hot inside the plane.

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The captain made an announcement apologizing for what he said was the 90° F (32° C) temperature but promised that it would cool off in short order.

Meanwhile, the cabin crew were in the aisles directing passengers to their seats, hanging up coats for those in first class, and offering pre-departure beverages. Since hydration was necessary due to the temperature, I opted for water. The flight leader, Benjamin, welcomed the passengers in first class as he offered them a respite from the heat.


We pushed back from the gate five minutes early at 4:05 p.m. and were wheels up precisely on schedule at 4:35 p.m.

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