American Files Objection to DOT Minneapolis-Haneda Decision

By Paul Riegler on 3 August 2016
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American Airlines filed an objection with the U.S. Department of Transportation Monday following the agency’s decision to award a new route slot from Tokyo’s Haneda Airport to Delta Air Lines, which plans to operate a flight from Minneapolis to Tokyo.

American had proposed new service from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, a route the agency did not authorize. The airline, in a scene that recalls American’s 2014 protest of another Delta route to Haneda where it said that the Atlanta-based carrier wasn’t making the best possible use of the flight rights, has asked the DOT to carefully monitor how Delta uses the slot.

Last month, the DOT awarded the slot to Delta, and American is arguing that the agency should put tight restrictions into place that require Delta to use the route to its full potential or face having it turned over to another airline.

The Department of Transportation awarded five daytime slots at Haneda last month, one each to American, United, and Hawaiian to operate flights to Haneda from Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Honolulu respectively.

The remaining slots went to Delta, and the agency said that the Minneapolis route would accomplish a goal first set forth in 2010 to provide service to Tokyo from a northern or Midwestern hub city. Delta is also using one daytime slot to move its Los Angeles-Haneda flight from a nighttime landing to a daytime landing in Tokyo.

While the majority of international flights arrive at Tokyo’s Narita airport an hour or more away from the city, Tokyo International Airport, or Haneda, is adjacent to Tokyo Bay and offers quick access to all parts of the city.

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