10 Radically New and Awesome Features in iOS 10

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By Jeremy Del Nero on 24 August 2016
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When Apple first introduced the iPhone, the operating system didn’t even have a name. At launch, it was called iPhone OS and received its current designation in 2010 with the introduction of the iPad.

Every one to two years, Apple introduces a major update of the mobile operating system and the newest version, iOS 10, is expected to be released in September.

Apple says that the new version will be the “biggest release ever” and from what we have seen in testing the beta version, we have no reason to differ.

Here’s what to expect:

1.) Slide to unlock is gone. Since the advent of TouchID, the Slide to Unlock function was more of a quaint vestigial leftover from the early days of iOS that was in the way more than anything else. It’s been removed in iOS 10 and we expect most users will say “good riddance.”

2.) A more useful lock screen. IOS 10 features a completely redesigned Lock screen with 3D-touch enabled notifications that are more detailed and allow the user to take action without the need to unlock.

3.) Swipe THIS way. Users of iOS 10 will have to relearn how to swipe. Swiping to the right will bring up a completely revamped Spotlight section with customizable widgets instead of Siri’s suggested apps and contacts. Accessing the Camera will be faster as it’s brought up by a mere swipe left. The Notification Center is still accessed by swiping down but you can access the Spotlight screen of widgets from there as well.

4.) Apple Music becomes useable again. When the iTunes Music app became the Apple Music app, the interface was cluttered with too much information and difficult to navigate as well as overly complicated and inconsistent. A complete redesign returns to the simplicity of earlier versions.

5.) Take a memo! Sometimes it’s awkward to have to stop and listen to voicemail messages. Recognizing this, Siri will happily transcribe voicemails and present them as a text message.

6.) Messages will make texting more fun. Apple is including rich links, background animations, bubble effects, and the Digital Touch sketching feature that was introduced on the Apple Watch, allowing users to create drawings and annotate photos. Cupertino is also adding handwritten messages, “invisible ink” hidden messages, and Tapbacks, which are emoji reactions similar to those on Facebook. Users may also selectively turn on or off read receipts for specific people.

In addition to the above features and changes, Apple is introducing a redesigned Control Center, also with support for 3D Touch; a new widgets screen, this for the widgets formerly in the Today section of the Notification Center; and a new Raise to Wake feature that causes the screen to wake up and display all information without having to press a button.

Finally, Apple redesigned the notification banners that pop up on the lock screen and is calling them rich notifications the user doesn’t have to open an app to interact with them. For example, while messages were interactive in iOS 9, meaning one could reply to a message without opening the Messages app, the system will allow viewing an entire message thread from within the notification.

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