Lobby Bar – July 29: Airline CEOs Hold Grudges, Don’t Text and Fly, and How Hamilton Saved 2016

By Jeremy Del Nero on 29 July 2016
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River deals. Check out our guide on how to shop from Amazon while getting the best possible native handicrafts from local Amazonian tribes. To reduce shipping costs, consider finding a river closer to you. For example, those in the Midwest should check out Mississippi Prime.

Broadway rising. Jonathan Spira sits through the acclaimed musical, Hamilton… the question is, does it live up to all of the hype? The biggest complaint among theatergoers is that they already know how the show is going to end. That’s why Hamilton is introducing alternative endings, and we’ve heard that in one of them Hamilton lives, steals a time machine, and wins the 2016 election.

Don’t text and fly. It’s time to address the question we have been asking since we first set foot on an airplane – do electronic devices really interfere with a plane’s systems? We put it to the test by using Snapchat during our last descent and it apparently altered the plane’s compass system – we landed in Memphis, Egypt instead of Memphis, Tennessee, which, as anybody knows, is the gravest of mistakes.

Private eye. Jesse Sokolow checks into the Hotel Ivy Minneapolis in Minnesota, where he witnesses the Northern Spark, an annual all-night light and art festival in the city. Little did he know that the main exhibit would be right outside the window of his room, and hundreds of Minnesotans would watch him parade in his skivvies that night.

Tears shed. Christian Stampfer last weekend covered the shooting in Munich in which nine people were tragically killed. Politicians worldwide offered condolences and Trump as usual offered to invade a random country.

CEO brawl. The merger between Alaska Airlines and Virgin America is on track with approval from Virgin shareholders. A voice at the shareholder’s meeting spoke up, “for the record, I think this is a terrible idea,” but it was just JetBlue’s CEO, Robin Hayes, who was still just a tad bitter. C. David Cush personally escorted Hayes from the room.

Pass the test. A U.S. Global Entry enrollment center will be opening in London this September. The office will be located approximately 450 feet (137 meters) over the Thames and is only accessible via a ride on the London Eye – be sure to time your jump well.

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