American Airlines to Introduce Automated Screening Lanes and Computed Tomography at Airport Security Checkpoints

By Paul Riegler on 5 July 2016
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Security checkpoint at American's terminal at JFK.

Security checkpoint at American’s terminal at JFK.

American Airlines announced plans to speed up security lines at the nation’s airports by deploying multiple new tools and technologies.

The world’s largest airline said Tuesday it plans to introduce automated screening lanes at Chicago O’Hare International, Dallas Fort Worth International, Los Angeles International, and Miami International airports by fall. The lanes will include automated belts that move bags into the X-ray machines while diverting bags that require further screening, thus allowing bins behind them to continue through the screening process uninterrupted. The belts automatically return empty bins to the front of the line.

Meanwhile, the bins themselves will be 25% larger and will have RFID tags attachd to them. Cameras will take photos of the outside of the bag to provide further verification that the correct bag is being pulled if it requires further inspection.

In addition to the automated screening lanes, American will deploy computed tomography or CT technology at a TSA security checkpoint at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. The use of CT technology, which will be used to screen bags, not people, will allow passengers to leave liquids and laptops in their carry-on bags during the screening process. If the CT pilot program is successful, the TSA may implement the technology at other airports in the future, the airline said.

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