Summer Is Here

By Paul Riegler on 20 June 2016
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Summer arrived in the Northern Hemisphere as the sun reached its northernmost point in the sky. The news came as no shock to those living out west in Arizona, California, Nevada, and Utah where a late spring deadly heat wave brought triple-digit temperatures, putting numerous outdoor activities, such as going to the beach, hiking, and golf, on hold while air-conditioned refuges were being sought.

The pre-summer heat broke records in several cities. The temperature in Phoenix rose to a scorching 118° F (47.7° C), the city’s fifth hottest day ever. In Yuma, some 180 miles (290 kilometers) southwest, the temperature hit 120° F (48.8° C). Meanwhile, Palm Springs, California reported a record-breaking 119° F (48.3° C) while nearby Thermal lived up to its name with 120° F, shattering the previous record of 118° F that was set in 2008.

(Photo: Accura Media Group)

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